AZOTER soil bacteria fertilizer product family

By applying 10 liters of AZOTER bacteria fertilizer per hectare, it ensures 180 kg nitrogen to the root-system of the plant, mobilizes 80 kg phosphorus and 30 kg potassium from the non-accessible phosphorus and potassium compounds. Additional nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can be utilized by the decomposition of stem residues, green and farmyard manure.

  • 180 kg/hectare nitrogen
  • 80 kg/hectare phosphate
  • 30 kg/hectare potassium
  • Decomposition of plant residues
  • Biological control against Fusarium and Sclerotinia

AZOTER leaf bacteria fertilizer

AZOTER-L leaf bacteria fertilizer ensures 30-40 kg nitrogen to the plant through Herbaspirillum endofita nitrogen fixing bacteria.

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