AZORHIZ soil bacteria fertilizer

AZORHIZ is also a member of AZOTER soil bacteria fertilizer product family, which contains plant specific Rhizobium bacteria for legume plants.

Components of the product

  • AZORHIZ kannaAzotobacter chroococcum: a nitrogen fixing bacterium that supplies the plant with sufficient nitrogen during the whole vegetation period.
  • Azospirillum brasilense: a nitrogen fixing bacterium that bears temperatures above 40°C and this way the plant is supplied with nitrogen during the hot summer periods as well.
  • Bacillus megaterium: phosphorus mobilizing bacterium that stimulates the reproduction of cellulose decomposing bacteria and the formation of potassium.
  • Specific Rhizobium bacteria: bacterium that lives in a rhizobial symbiosis with the legume plant, giving an extra nitrogen supply to their root-nodules.

Specific Rhizobium bacteria

Szója gyökére AZORHIZ-zelDuring the rhizobium symbiosis the rhizobium bacteria supplies ammonia to the host legume plant and in return receives organic acids, which facilitates their multiplication. The rhizobium symbiosis, triggered by AZORHIZ, provides sufficient nitrogen to the legume plant during the whole vegetation period; moreover, after harvest significant amounts of nitrogen remain in the soil for future crops.